Terms and conditions for rentals

Silkboutique72 Rental gown terms and conditions

Thank you for renting from silkboutique72.com your support matters to us.

Please follow the below care instructions and guidelines to help us serve you smoothly

1) All our dresess are handwashed and dry cleaned only if needed ( dry clean charges if any to be borne by the user of gown). Return the dress without washing. Do not try to bleach or remove stain.Return the dress in same condition as received. *Warning* Do not use smoke bomb or any other firecracker as the tiny sparkles create hole in dresess.

2) Refundable deposit will be processed only post receiving all the contents of the package given and checked.

3) Gown availability changes with date change. Please ensure you book the gown before finalising your photo shoot date.

4)Please ensure you have received all the contents before leaving store and return the contents in same bag otherwise bag charges applies.

5)Courier facility is available but both side charges are to be borne by the buyer.

6)Please check the condition of the gown and inform us beforehand

7) In case of issues related to size please contact us on 9022275597 for the solutions. We try our best to fit the clothes to your size but Please keep in mind as this is rented outfit and due to some design limitations the outfit fitting may differ.

8) Late fee charges are applicable. If the dress is booked against another bill and you haven't returned on time then the reimbursement charges are to be borne by you.

9)Dress is ironed from our end (if booked in advance) and we do not promise crease free dress as the length or designs of the dressess are different and the dress gets creases while folding/ packing.

10) We try to deliver you on time but in case a dress used by buyer before you gets torn or burnt and same dress was booked by you then we wont be able to fulfill your order neither we will be able to refund your order. Request you to adjust and choose an alternate gown.

11)If you cancel a booked gown before your photoshoot date then user will be charged half the amt of rent charge.

If you cancel gown post picking up from store then full rental charge has to be borne by user.